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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 10: Wolf Point to East Glacier Park, MT

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Beautiful sunshine, no wind (!!!!), 66 degrees

Our day got off to an intense start. Just as we were preparing to leave the motel, Phil broke part of the bridge on his glasses. They are Silhouettes which have both the bows and the bridge attached directly to the lenses. He's had problems in the past getting them repaired because only independent optical offices sell them. After a search on the internet, we set out for Glasgow. No luck. Fortunately in Havre we quickly found an optician who did not have spare parts, but disassembled a pair so Phil's could be repaired Whew! It would not have been good if all of the driving were left to me. Lesson learned: Phil needs to have a spare pair of glasses.

I love US 2. Although much of it is two lane, the traffic is extremely light and the speed limit is 70 mph, so making good time is no problem. Today we noticed that the wheat had not harvested and hay bales were left in the fields. While Phil was at the optician, he chatted with a local man and one from Saskatchewan. They said that they've had an unusually wet, cool, late spring and growing season, just the opposite of what we had in NY. The hay is the first cutting, and they are still waiting for the wheat to ripen. And this is a region that gets winter early.

The railroad is never far from US 2, and the many trains we saw were very long and traveling both east and west. We passed a grain elevators that were loading box cars. I think I saw more trains today than I have in the last five years.

I never cease to be amazed at the wide open spaces: miles between towns and miles between houses, vistas that extend to the horizon. When I think of the overcrowding in some areas, I think people really need to discover this beautiful part of the country. That's not reasonable, I know, because only the hardiest of individuals can deal with climate here.

I've decided that after seven full years, we are finally retired. In the past we were always "hurry up and move on," but this trip we are being much more laid back. Most of the time we travel after the morning rush hour (which really isn't a problem here anyway) and stopping before the afternoon rush. Much better way to go.

The forecast for tomorrow is sun until late afternoon and then rain through Wednesday and possibly into Thursday. We are very disappointed since this is the one park that was at the top of our "must see" list. We'll try to accomplish as much as we can and then hope for the best the two days after that.

I am writing this Tuesday evening, but I'm fairly certain it won't be posted until later. Internet service here is very spotty and cell phone service is nonexistent, and that may be true for two more days.

TODAY'S ROUTE: US 2W from Wolf Point to East Glacier Park, MT---a nice straight shot

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  1. Hey guys, we are still in Tupper Lake but packing to head to Cdga. We have been following you with great interest. Enjoy your history lessons and your interesting writing descriptions. Continue in good health, and safety as you enjoy this beautiful country God has given us.
    Blessings, Betty and Dave LaBarge