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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 1: Cadillac, Michigan

The summer season may be waning, but construction season sure isn't. Wish I had a dollar for every barrel, cone, and concrete barrier we passed today. New York, Ontario, Michigan didn't matter where we were. I give a thumbs up to Ontario for the condition of their roads, but an "F" for their lack of parking and rest areas. We bought lunch to eat along the way, but never found a place to stop.

Our complaint of the day was border crossings. We were allowed into Canada in just 5 minutes, but it took 65 minutes to get back into the USA. (Guess Canada values us more than the USA.) While we were waiting, we were creeping over a bridge above a canal that flows between Lake Erie and Lake Huron at Port Huron. From that vantage point we could see bows of boats rising and falling as they plowed up the canal and into the current. Beyond them the sail boats were darting back and forth while in the foreground US and Canadian flags flapped in breeze. Add to that a lighthouse and marina, and it made for a gorgeous view. Almost worth the long wait.

Tomorrow we head to the first of the many national lakeshores and parks we hope to visit on this trip. From the little we've seen it should be a beautiful stop.

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  1. Phil & Nancy, Thanks for sharing your blog. Welcome to the road. We've had a great time so far as we are sure you will as well.

    Bill & Lin